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Keith Davies Non Expert Trial 2017

6th August 2017 at The Beeches, Noar Hill,  Selborne.

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Will Brown Internet around the world but down to earth.
Go to Alton Club web site for news and info. This is how the Wick Hill Cup started back in the seventies - a proper trial for novices.

Keith Davies Non Expert Trial on 6th August 2017

Map with markers showing venue and access.

Auth no. AMCA/MT/TBA

Clerks: Steve Wells

Sec: Ray Bowden  -  ON-LINE FORM

Observer secretaries: Ray.

Public posters:  Will Brown


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About The Keith Davies Non Expert Trial

Initially named The Wick Hill Cup after the landowner and venue that hosted it. Introduced in the 1970s’ as a pukka Open to Centre Trial held at a great venue but aimed at Intermediate, Novice and Occasional riders.

 In 2010 it moved to Noar Hill and became The Alton Non Expert. and later took the Keith Davies name from 2013.

Keith Davies was a keen motorcyclist and great supporter of motorcycle Trials. Keith worked tirelessly with good humour for many local Clubs.

Also an accomplished distance runner Keith used Noar Hill for both his hobbies. Following Keith’s untimely death the event took his name and gives sporting riders like Keith a chance to ride a premier venue & event.

Picture on right was taken by Keith’s dad John, and shows Wobblie Will riding in The Wick Hill Cup during the 70s’, showing the spirit of that Trial and The Keith Davies. Note the beginners riding kit of the time including the obligatory NCB wellies.


Google Map with directions to Noar Hill Venue

Likely Course

Click the picture below for map of route, TBC.

Map of Noar Hill and route of 2017 Keith Davies Trial, click to enlarge click to dismiss.

Calling Observers

Can you Observe or can you get someone to Observe?

Observers are vital to our sport, a section without an Observer is not a proper section. This is why we treat our Observers like kings.

We know some of our regular observers are not available for this Trial, we have a good track record of observed sections in our open Trials, but for this event we will be struggling.