WillBrown Internet- Ref:WP9*WB_kdne_130718_KeithD_NonEx13.wpp -  Updated 24/7/14  © 2011. Keith Davies Non Expert Trial 2013 4th August 2013 at The Beeches, Noar Hill,  Selborne.
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This is how the Wick Hill Cup started back in the seventies - a proper trial for novices. Map for Wick Hill Cup 2010 at Noar Hill, click to expand, click pop-up to close it.

Many thanks to all who helped make this first Keith Davies Non Expert Trial such a great success

Clerk: Mick Morris and team

Sec: Mike Hutchings -

Wick Hill Cup 2013 Officials

Clerk of Course

Mick Morris assisted by Jim Daffin, Terry Owens and Mike Hutchings


Mike Hutchings


ACU Steward


Jim Daffin

Observer sec

Jim Daffin


Section 1

Mary Owens

Section 2

Terry Owens

Section 3

Dave Adams

Section 4

Chris Small

Section 5

Rob Cross

Section 6

Derek Cranfield / Keith Marshall

Section 7

Mark Mills

Section 8

Jim Daffin

Section 9

Chris White

Section 10

Tom Morling

What did you think of this Event?

Alton Club uses feedback  to improve Trials please use our ON-LINE FORM. Printable comments good or bad may appear below:

1. A brilliant Trial.

John Seward  (B route rider)

2. Thanks for a brilliant days fun.

Mik Machinek (B route rider)

3.  it could have been a bit harder …..

(rider, name unknown)

4. Great trial .... good sections it even had water and mud! It seemed to me just about right. A big thanks to Mick and Mike and all the observers.

Richard Baker (C route rider).

5. A good enjoyable Trial, pass on my thanks to all.

Chris Neville (C route rider).

Map from 2012,

2013 was similar.