The 65th Kenchington Trophy Trial - 2/4/17

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2017 Kenchington Trophy Trial

now in its sixty fifth year.

Held under ACU auspices no:  ACU49687

Round of the Southern Centre Championship

Butser Limeworks on Sunday 5th April 2017,  starting at 10:30.

Signed from A3 Buriton,  Petersfield South.  Map

Secretary of the meeting:

 Mike Hutchings   -  07………


Mick Coles

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 Cyril Kenchington was an Alton citizen and was general manager of Wrights, a road building equipment company (road rollers etc.) situated on the side road at The Butts, Alton. He was a good friend to Arthur Hay, one of our past presidents and a hard working club member.

 The Trophy was inaugurated in 1952 as a motor cycle road Trial starting at Wyck Farm (Mr Wall). Following sections in Binsted, the cross country route lead to Priory Farm, Selborne (Mr Eddie Lucas), with sections in the river, then up to Wick Hill Farm (Mr Chapell). Thence to Worldham and finish at Wyck Farm.

 This format continued with Bill Oliver as Clerk for several years until restrictions on competitors riding on public roads led to the Trial becoming entirely off road. With the kind permission of Mr Beech of Priory Farm and Mr Chapell of Wick Hill Farm, this area became the home of Kenchington Trophy Trial.

 From around 1980 the Trial was held entirely on Wick Hill Farm with permission and encouragement of the Vigar family, initially starting in the farm yard using the entire farm, later using just the testing “Valley”. During this time the clerk was invariably Mick Coles.

 Since 2011 the venue has been either Bushy Hanger, Steep Marsh or Butser Limeworks, Buriton.

The Kenchington Trophy Trial

Name and history

By Jack & Phyl Blackman and Wobblie.

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