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Wobblie Will’s Web site

Wobblie Will’s Web site

Everything you wanted to know (and a lot you didn’t) about famous Eddy.

Must see for Trials, Honda or Merlin.

This is rainy afternoon stuff with section after section pictures and stories.


And when you have finished check out the video section, includes 1988 world round from Butser lime works.

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Since Keith’s untimely death on 28th of October 2010 much has been said and written about him. Although I knew him for just a few years I will be setting up a web page to remember him by.

I have many pictures and words to draw on but if you have any memories or pictures of Keith you would like included please contact me.

One day I WILL DO THIS !

Keith Davies on-line memorial

Alton's Wales Weekends past and present.

Alton’s Wales Weekend Archives

A 2 day Trial run each August Bank Holiday for over 30 years at venues in Wales and the borders until 2011.

Alton’s Wales Weekend Archives

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Phil Mellers Pre 67 & Twin Shock

Sunday,  30th September  2018 - ACU 54215

Baigent’s Hill, Pickets Hill Road, Headley.  Off A325. GU35 8TF  Map.

Clerk: John Dismore.    Secretary John Sapsard.

Classes : A – Rigid Girder Fork, B – Rigid Tele Fork Four Stroke,

 C – Four Stroke Non Unit Construction,

D – Four Stroke Unit Construction, E – British Two Stroke,

F – Twin Shocks, G – Air Cooled Monos.

Course : Four laps, 10 Sections.  Two routes.  No roadwork.

| More and entry form on  Farnham Club web site  |


Keith riding in the Selborne Solo 2007