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 Special offer for Wobblie advertisers, be the envy of all your friends

see picture below.

Unique Edition Classic Crapo Trials Rider

Early 1950's model, utterly non competitive, comes home smiling even with a full sheet of five's. Fair condition for age. An occasional wipe over with an oily rag and a bag o’ doughnuts may be required to maintain full smiling order. P&P FOC. Offers?

BUY IT NOW - Make an offer - PLEASE DONATE

Rumour has it: This item once cleaned an otherwise un-cleaned mud section in The Kenchington Trophy Trial c1976 using just a bog standard TL 125. All we know is - it is called “Wobblie”.

Small print

 Includes: trademark jumble of helmet, off white suite and contrasting NCB stylé wellies, as shown (all well used).

NOT included: bike and genuine Ron Blandford Alton Wales Weekend section.

Picture shows item in its heyday, late 80's at an Alton Wales Weekend, Lawnt Farm, Llangadwaladr, Llansillin, Wales. Note -  appearance and performance may have degraded. Strictly -

“not seen and non returnable”.

Wobblie Will on Honda TLR 250 at Lawnt Farm, Llansillin in 1988.

BUY IT NOW - Make an offer - PLEASE DONATE

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