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Wobblie Will's Trials adverts

Wobblie Will's Trials adverts

From AJS to TYZ - Wobblie’s Free Trials ADZ every day for over 20 years.

With viewers averaging around 1,000 per week, here are some of the things advertisers said:

The bikes are sold. one of them to GB with your help. thanks - V. S. (from Germany)

bike sold immediately at asking price thanks to your site. You deserve a medal. Well done  thanks. - D. C.

Many thanks, love your web site & and actively spread the word! - N. W.

Please take my Gas Gas advert off, through your site it has been sold to a man in USA.  - Thanks - D. R.

Thanks for the advert, bought a minted pinky last night - Cheers Wobblie, great service. - H..

Will - Would you believe that I have had a reply already. impressed at hearing so quickly. Thanks again J. B.

excellent site well pleased with the response advised all my mates to check it out. - cheers  -S. E.

..... bike is now sold, thanks to the good service on this web site. Many thanks - A. P.

Thanks for the ad, all ok. great site thanks - A. B.

Have sold the bike, through a reply to my ad on your site. Thanks very much, a great site!!!! - J. Y.

Bike is sold thanks to your ad system thanks for a great service. Regards - C. H.

Hi Will, ........ Amazing how many people all over the country know about wobblie adverts. - D. R.

Excellent website - two calls same morning of advert and bought the trailer I wanted next day - thanks - K. K.

Thank you, great web site. Best regards - G. P.

.... bike was sold within a week! excellent site, will be recommending it. thanks. - S.

 sold my gasser thanks. had a lot of e-mails the day it went on. thanks again, for a first class service - J. W.

Excellent service. Sold my bike to first caller. Thanks. - S. S.

Thanks, I hope this site grows, we've linked to it from our club site. - M & G. L.

On 7th April I advertised my 250 bultaco sherpa on your site and sold it on the 9th. Thank You - C. R.

Thanks to your site, sold the bike in two weeks. CHEERS -P.

excellent service, been very helpful, will be using the service again in the near future, thank you - G. L.

Thanks for a great service. I will recommend your site to all and sundry. - I. K.

the advert worked well, getting a response within one day..... has all ended well.  Thanks for the site. T. P.

 Brilliant service thank you again - excellent site - G. F.

Hi will, I have got the bike i wanted thanx to your advert. Many thanx N. W.

Thank you, due to this site I now have a montesa. BRILLIANT -  I. B.

Sold the Whitehawk TY175 to first viewer for asking price, thanks. Regards, M. C.

please remove our advert, we sold it for the asking price as a direct result of your ad. Thanks H. & D.

Will, I can"t believe it, we had a genuine call just hours after talking with you, amazed - E. & D. T.

thankyou very much for your help in selling this bike - N. B.

Hi Will, Gas Gas sold just 24 hours after placing the advert. Many thanks, this is a great site. - Regards T. B.

Just a thank you in that i've sold my bike once again through your excellent site - J. Y.

sold my Beta rev3, Thanks as it did sell through your site. -   Cheers  D. B.

Hi Will, Cub now sold thanks for the top service as usual. -  H. J.

bike sold tonight to the first viewer, excellent site. - T.P.

Hi, Please can you remove advert , bike now sold through your site.. cheers!! -  F. A.

Cheers Wobblie, top service as always  "may yer feet stay long on the peg". - H. J.

ad did look good!! will not hesitate to use you  again ,once again thanks and keep up the good work -  R. H.

My Fantic 200 has been sold from your advert along with my white Merlin Trials. Thank you - J. B.

Sold my Gas Gas flywheel weight  through Wobblie’s Adverts, WELL DONE - D.  B.

 Please remove my Honda. Buyer came  this evening, cash in hand. What a service and for free. - D. S.

..... the bike is now sold.   another great result from your website.  thanks.  - A. B.

Hi Will, please can you remove my Fantic 240 advert, it sold today as a result of your site - J. B.

Hi Will,  thanks for your help in selling my bike, its now sold. - M. M.

My Yamaha ty 80 has been sold thanks to YOU its gone to IRELAND! thanks Will - D. P.

Well done - sold in 4 days - D. B.

Sold in 1 week ossa mar, thanks. - W. D.

Remove my ad please Will. Bike sold in two days. Will give you a drink next time we meet Cheers -  M. M.

Beta 50 now sold thanks to you. Thanks again - D. P.

Will, please delete my advert for a Bultaco, lovely example bought today. Many thanks  Regards - D. R.

Will - thanks to your adverts page I have sold the Beta 125.  Have fun - K. D.

Hi Will I have sold my TL125 ..... many thanks for your excellent service. - P. B.

Hi, can you remove my ad for the fantic 240 as it is now sold, thanks for a great web site. - S. S.

Trials parts 4 sale.  Please remove these items as they are now sold. Thanks very much wobblie. - G. W.

Hi Will - Just to let you know the Montessa  sold to a guy from Exeter through your site, thanks  - T. B.

Hi Will, sold my bike to someone who saw the add on your site - many thanks once again -  T. W.

Hi could you remove my TY80 ad please as it sold within 1 day of being posted  great site thanks - A. P.

Will, I have sold my Ariel after 2 days on your site. Thank you very much top site. Best Regards - A. H.

thankyou very much for you free add service i sold the 2001 beta rev3 off here in about 4 days -  H. W.

Hi Will I have found a Fantic 200 via somebody contacting me through this excellent site many thanks - A. W.

Gas Gas TXT 125 sold within 10 days of placing the advert - thank you very much - J. W.

Why more people don't use this free service I will never know.  - D. S.

Thanks for your wonderful web site, bike sold in 5 days, can you remove advert thanks. - C. O.

please remove my advert regarding the BSA Bantam. Thanks for a great web site - S. S.

Many thanks for rewording my Suzuki ad, bike sold ... Your efforts are greatly appreciated. All the best - G. T.

Many thanks Will! Bike was sold to 3rd Caller within 24hours! Fantastic service, again many thanks. - P. B.

WOW just to let you know sold my honda montesa in four days great site keep up the good work - D. E.

Please remove advert. Excellent response to my Wanted ad, able to choose pick of the replies.  - D. S.

Sold the triumph i advertised with you two days ago .Thanks for your help. - R. S.

Sold Quickly - Beta  200cc sold today. Many thanks for excellent website. - D. B.

Many thanks for featuring the advert, bike now sold through your site in ten days.  Many thanks - M. W.

Triumph Tiger Cub was sold within 3 days of placing it on your site. Thanks  - J. D.

hi, rl325 and my fantic 240 sold. a great service you provide, many many thanks, - I. P.

just t let u no that the mont sold the day after u put the ad up for me so thanks a lot. - J. F.

a cracking Site, takes time and effort to undertake a quality site such as this Well done Sir - D. M.

advert has successfully put me in contact with the parts I need. Thanks for your help - L. P.

Please remove my ad, Honda TLR 200 parts, all successfully sold, many thanks. -  E. B.

My SWM Jumbo, sold due to the ad on your site, many thanks, good luck, its the place to find things. - D. M.

Thanks Will bike sold today with no problems. Impressive web site! thanks v much for your assistance. - P. F.

Thanks very much for your great service Wobblie! - M.

Aprilia Climber sold withing 24 hours, thanks for an excellent service. - I. R.

my sherco has been sold, thanks to you. regards - G. G.

 Bike sourced a real sucess. Thankyou M. D.

bike sold. Many thanks for advertising it was much appreciated and great service. Thanks - A. H.

Sold my Montesa Sidecar so you can remove the ad or mark it as sold. Keep up the good work. - P. N.

Please remove the sale advert for the Francis Barnet. Item sold from your site at the asking price. - D. S.

Many thanks for your site over the year. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Many thanks. - D. S.

Sherco ad you put in last weekend is sold, viewed Wednesday, collected this evening. Many thanks  - K. W.

Many thanks for running my advert, I had a call from a seller with the air filter box. Great result again! - K. W.

Bike sold on first day on your website, thanks very much will use again. - P. B.

The Fantic 245 is now sold after only 2 days!! thank you for a super site!!  Kind Regards  - I.  M.

Fantic 200  sold through your site same day as advert appeared. Many Thanks  T. K.

Fantic 125. Many thanks will, the bike sold this morning, the adverts less than 12 hours old. - A. B.

Please remove add as sold on same day as placed for full asking price. thank you - M. B.

Hi Will,  thanks to the power of your site, both my Montesa 315s have been sold, thanks. - J. M.

Like to say a big Thank You to Will for an excellent no fuss website. - T. H.

350/400 twin trials now sold this through your adverts, thank you so much, buyer and i are delighted. - R. B.

Please remove advert for my Future Montesa.  Bike sold in 2 days from your website!  Many thanks. - A. H.

my 1961 greeves scottish is now sold.... thanks again for the great service a true gent. - I. P.

cub now sold, will, from your website, thanks once again. - E. A.

Hi Will. Beta EVO 300 4T sold. Thanks very much for your help. Regards - L. P.

hi will have now sold my jcm thanks for puting my advert on your site - M. K.

Will thanks for your help both bikes sold over the weekend - J. C.

the bike sold to the first person who came to look at it. Brilliant service, what a great site. Many thanks - J. F.

Will. Bike sold. Advertised 21st. Sold 23rd. Also many other hopeful purchasers. Many thanks. - D. S.

Hi Will, Matchless/AJS Trials all wrapped up and gone off to Yorkshire. Thanks, excellent site. - B. G.

Hi,please delete my ad. Both bikes sold within a week!! Thanks - N. V.

Top Site sold within days Honda TLR250, many thanks Will. - P. D.

Hi, my Montesa is now sold. Advert appeared on Monday, sold Wednesday. Brilliant, thanks very much. - A. L.

Beta EVO 4T now sold. TOP SITE, thanks. - P. D.

Thanks for all your help and what a great site, sold my cub bantam wheels in just 3 days. - K. P.

Hi Will, thanks very much, i have sold my yamy forks so please remove ad. thanks again, -  J. F.

Scorpa sold in less than 24 hours. Many thanks. - D. B.

Hi Will, a massive thankyou, my tlr200 on your site barely a day sold to the 1st genuine caller, brillant! - S. F.

advert "wanted ty250 mono" resulted in a number of leads, and resulted in purchase.  thankyou again - T. H.

Sold TLR using this site, can you remove the advert please. Thank you very much for excellent service! - T. H.

Yamaha ty250 tank, ty mono forks and fantic side panels, great service again thanks sold in the day - I. P.

Just to let you know my bike above sold in less than 24 hours many thanks - C. W.

My advert for Fantic 200 sold, response within 1 day, ... viewed and sold... Excellent service as always. - D. S.

Hi, Advertised yesterday. Sold today, please remove my advert. Thanks for a fantastic service. Regards - D. H.

Hi mate once again another bike sold via wobblies. Please remove my Yamaha advert. Thanks - I. P.

Fantastic Service, and results, All my bit,s are gone, Thanks "Wobblie",  - R. S.

Many thanks - bike has sold for full asking within 3 days - I very much appreciate you site! - P. E.

Hi, could you remove my ad for the bsa bantam engine, sold within a day. Thanks - A. M.

please remove add WAF12122/09 FANTIC 200 sold the same day, yet again a great service cheers - I. P.

Yamaha TY250 pinky now sold thanks to wobblie wills exellent website, many thanks. - P. D.

Hi Will, can you remove my ad for the Beta Synt please? Sold from here, great service thanks. - I. N

Please remove my advert, it sold within a week of advert, thanks again, brilliant site. - T. H.

Hi Will , can you remove my ad please for the villiers 4 speed parts.  Sold in one day. Many thanks. K. H.

Thanks WW, my "125 Wanted" add has come up trumps in 4 days. - G. E.

my Fantic sold. Many thanks for this service, it's a no fuss, honest to goodness, much appreciated. - A. C.

Hi Will. Just to let you know the BSA Bantam has sold, it sold within 24hrs on you site. Many Thanks. - R. T.

Honda TLR200 Bike now sold in one day, thanks Wobblie Wills!! - N. S.

Please remove the add for the beta. Mega service you provide, keep up the good work. Regards - P. P.

hi wobblie top man another bike sold , thanks please remove fantic 240 for sale, thanks. - I. P.

Sold within 4 days 3 Fantics. Many thanks for an excellent web site - G. H.

The BSA C15 has now sold after one day,WOW!! Thanks can you amend the ad Cheers - N. V.

Will - advert for the Honda TL125 fitted with CD185 twin, bike now sold. Many thanks, great service! - A. W.

thank you for placing my wanted ad for a tank for a 125 Sprite yesterday …… collected this afternoon! - A. C.

Hello there Will. Bike is now sold so I'd be grateful if you'd delete the ad. Many thanks. Great site! - G. T.

Please remove my advert for the montesa 4rt and the tlr 200/170 sold thanx to your brill site mate - P. P.

bultaco 250 engine is now sold within 2 days of appearing on your site thank you what a brilliant site - C. P.

ty mono now sold thanks to your excellent site happy new year to you - D. S.

my advert for Fantic 241 sold it at the weekend from your advert, great site many thanks. - A. P.

please amend advert bantam engine sold in under 4 hours many thanks - D. B.

Yam front end sold in separate bits and found an s3 pipe. Great site. works well. Thanks. - S. H.

Bultaco sold already, only been on site a few hours! Thanks for providing this service, best regards - J. M.

waf14302/17 sold within 24hours. Regards - C. W.

Hi Will, please remove advert for Yamaha ty250 pinky, sold in an hour of going live, 1st class service - T. H.

Hi, I placed an ad to find a tyz swinging arm, found one locally for a low price within an hour !! - G. L.

please can you remove DOT 250 TRIALS BIKE, as yet again you sold it. thanks very much. - I. P.

hi wobblie , yet again a fine service, 3 bike trailer sold same day. cheers I. P.

 James hubs now sold ..Many thanks ..Great site Will  - K. H.

Hi have sold bike from your website in 2days many thanks. - T. T.

Thank you for the advert, the bike sold straight away. Many thanks, T..... - T. H.

Many thanks Will, the bike sold from your advert - M. M.

hi wob please remove my advert for triuph tiger cb trials, as once again all sold, top job once again. - I. P.

Hello Will, Just let you know the frazer honda has sold almost straight away, thanks. - T. S.

Many thanks i sold my jotagas! great site i will use again:-)  - M. M.

Happy Christmas Will and all the best for 2015, great web site !! keep sober !!  Best Regards D. W.

Hi Will , Bsa Bantam V5C sold in 2 days (Many thanks ) - K. H.

…..the ad for my Drayton Bantam. now sold. many thanks for the service! - J. T.

Bultaco Sherpa parts now sold, many thanks for your great service. - P. B.

Great news Triumph and Greeves sold, just 24 hours after advert. Thanks for your site. - S. K.

Thank you so much. Listed mont friday and someone bought it the next day!! Amazing. - M. M.

please remove advert bike sold already!! Didn't expect as quick a sale many thanks - C. M.

Hi Will 315 sold in two days thanks a lot - A. R.

Hi Will  -  James Captain trials sold in 1 week (Cheers) - H. H.

Hi Will, big thank you, my bike sold the same day. Keep up the good work. Regards - T. B.

Hi Will, Mz forks legs gone.. Many thanks.  Another deal done ( great stuff ) -  K. H.

Many thanks Will Honda TLM 50 headgaskets sold within 3 days   Great service cheers - B. C.

Sold in a day great thank you - P. P.

Honda TLM 50 Gear lever sold in 2 days thanks very much Will assisting A N others.. - B. C.

hi wob please remove add for montesa 247 sold once again.  cheers - I. P.

thank you again for your website , I look at it every day - S. J.

Pre 65 2 stroke…On your site 11.34am, email 9.01pm what I wanted, many thanks. - D. S.

Hi these bikes have now sold. Good website thanks. - P. M.

Sherco 125 Trials 2004 now sold - how fast was that?! Kind regards many thanks. - J. E.

now sold for the asking price.  excellent service as usual many thanks - T. H.

sold my Beta.. 10 calls.. first guy called in an hour and he bought it. Brilliant!!! - J. Y.

Hi wobblie, yet another fine service, , yamaha ty250 mono sold the same morning thankyou - I. P.

Sold Fantic 205 in 1 day and Scorpa 3 days Thanks Will - D. R.

Hi Will, please remove my advert for the merlin dg350 sold through your web. Many thanks - J. B.

Many thanks Will 340 Bultaco sold that weekend to a very nice man.. Thanks again. - A. A.

Just to say bike sold in about 5 hrs.  excellent service,  thanks again…. T. H.

Ref BSA Walwin 250: advert went on today and motorcycle already sold - M. Q.

Ossa Pluma sold to first caller thankyou Will - B. C.

Wanted. late Beta Trials 200. Another result from this site. Very many thanks. - D. S.

Gasgas Sold many thanks Will Superb service - B. C.

sold the next day unbeliveable response.Keep the good work best site going. -  A. F.

 my ad for Drayton frame kit. Sold in no time . Thanks - A. M.

My bike is now sold thanks to this advert. Cheers. - C. L.

please cancel Honda TLR200 as I have now sold bike through you site Many Thanks - N. V.

hi wobblie, please remove add for bultaco 340 199b, sold once again cheers - I. P.

Bike sold….  nice to see genuine sales still receive sensible response. - R. C.

Hi, Please remove as Ad, as it has sold through your website. All the best - C. C.

 bike has been sold after only 4 days of  being on the site. Thank you very much -  D. B.

Dave cooper single bike trailer -    SOLD  AFTER 1 DAY many thanks - D. C.

Thankyou for placing my advert for old MCN/TMX etc. sold within 3 hours… Many thanks - I. G.

Hi Will , Bantam engine now sold through Wobblie Wills  ..Great free Ad site  you provide. - K. H.

Hi, … i put this beta up for sale on Wednesday and its sold within the dayt. Thank You - K. Q.

Chase 220 sold from your website. Very many thanks - D. S.

Fuel tank now sold thanks Wil. - B. C.

Beta sold within 2 days, many thanks Will. - A. W.

Hi Will , James now sold mate ..Thank you for advertising it on your site ..Cheers - K, H.

SOLD Through WW. Please mark up the Serow 250 as SOLD, many thanks Will - C. M.

Now sold thanks to this site. Thank you. - R. H.

Bultaco, the bike has now been sold. Many thanks, great site. Regards. - D. C.

Greeves Anglian - Bike sold thank you, off this web site. Very many thanks. - B. M.

After only one day I can’t believe what has turned up using your free advertising. - D. S.

Hi Will, sold in 2 days as a result of your brilliant free service! many thanks, - J. M.

Beta Gara sold…..  Thanks again Will.  - J. C.

Beamish Suzuki 250 - Gone in 2 days brilliant.  - H. I.

sold my Bultaco 198b. Many thanks for putting it on your web-site. Appreciated. Regards - A. W.

Had reply and purchased a bike many thanks will use again to buy or sell. - R. H.

Wobblie, superb yet again, my Ariel sold within a week… Superb site, Thanks - R. S.

Both items sold within 4 days. Thank you - D. S.

Oset 16R electric trialsbike sold within 3 days many thanks Will great service - B. C.

Will, the beta has sold.… Thanks for the great service. Regards - J. C.

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