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2001 August Bank Holiday

2001 report by Derek Cranfield

Jim Scott and Flo, Daphne and myself, travelled down on Friday, booked into our hotel, then went to the farm to see Tom and Wizzie. Rob Cross (Snr) had just arrived, Les and  Sallie were expected later, many others were neatly housed in the Alton caravan and tented village. Will, Andy and others were out setting up the sections, so we had a cup of tea with Pat.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, we arrived at the farm to find Will signing on about 30 riders, which must be a record. They had come from Cheshire, Bedfordshire, Swansea and other parts of Wales plus there was the usual Southern Centre lot.

The first sections were the usual rocky streams, grassy banks and mud.

Then we had the famous Widow Maker Hill Climb, which this year had been stripped of bracken by the enduro boyo, it seemed to make it easier. I got within 20 feet of the top and was very pleased that some of the boys, who had got to the top, came down and pulled me up (there was no way I could have gone down from there!)

Next was the Grand Canyon, a good half mile of rocky stream bed climb, with steep sides. Once you start the only way out is at the top. Three sub sections, each about 300 yards long, I think they are the longest sections I have ever ridden. Two laps left me completely knackered.

The evening was barbecue and bonfire time. Will (him again) was main cook with plenty of burgers and hot dogs which had been bought by Pat. Also Rob’s home grown tomatoes and cucumbers. There was lots to drink and there was plenty of chat and laughter. Andy was the last to turn in at 3-30 Sunday morning  (Allegedly).

Soon it was time for the Sunday two laps, some of the sections were slightly changed. There was also the highly amusing slalom special test, I can’t wait to see the results.

In  the evening we went to Llandrindod Wells to see the great firework display.

On Monday, we toured the Elan valley and dams before coming home on Tuesday. Altogether a super weekend.

Special thanks must go to Will, Pat and Millie who did all the arrangements.

Thanks also to Andy and other helpers and Jim and Flo for their great company.

Hope to see you all and others there  next year. Book the date now, it’s a great weekend.

Derek Cranfield and Andy Russell check out the “21st” section, AKA the BBQ and Bonfire in 2001.

It’s cheers from Tommy Breeze in 2001.

Another long good bye from Tommy Breeze in 2001 as the Latham and Wright families prepare to leave.