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The Super Selborne Solo 2007
Noar Hill on Sunday 3rd June
This Trial has been run from Charity Farm, Noar Hill, Selborne since before the war and this year Alton Club again made full use of this wonderful and unique venue to provide an event with the challenge of  12 sections with four laps around two miles in length.
The Clerk of the course, Paul Rayward planned two routes for a wide range of skills, the A route was for Experts and Youth A riders only, Intermediate, Novice Twin shock and Youth B rode the easier B route.

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The Secretary of the meeting,  Terry Owens

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Pictures from 2007 Selborne Solo - Section 4
Class Winners - Top to bottom
Neil Hubbard
Danny Pitman
Chris Neville
Geoff Muston
Raynard Norris
James Graham
Nathan Davies
Selborne Solo 2007 rider, Neil Hubbard
Selborne Solo 2007 rider, Danny Pitman
Selborne Solo 2007 rider, Geoff Muston
Selborne Solo 2007 rider, Raynard Norris
Selborne Solo 2007 rider, James Graham
Selborne Solo 2007 rider, James Graham