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Gosport Championship - Club Trials - Scores
Harry Flannagan at Nutcoombe Row in 2000. Harry Flannagan presenting Awards at the 2006 Gosport AGM. Harry Flannagan presenting Awards in 2008 at a club trial Ivyhouse lane. Harry Flannagan riding in The Kenchington Trophy Trial 2007.
Pictures of Harry
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Harry Flanagan

First and foremost Harry was known across the South Coast as an 'A' route rider who competed in numerous trials from club to National level. Harry has been associated with Gosport and District MCC for many years holding positions on the club committee as Clerk of the Course, Secretary, Awards Officer culminating in being the club's chairman over the last few years.  For many years Harry and his wife ,Wendy, ran the club ensuring that Trials with Gosport continued to thrive and build it's reputation to becoming one of the most respected clubs in the Southern Centre.

But surely Harry must be best remembered for his enthusiasm and total dedication to encouraging new and young riders into the sport. He encouraged both his sons, Lee and Aaron, to great heights both competing at Centre and National level and then turned his love of Trials into helping the many youth riders that passed through Gosport Club. He could always be found patiently encouraging others!  Many a time he would advise the nervous rider to achieve a clean on a section; only to then go and put his own foot down, but that was Harry all over, he always finished with a smile!

On reflection, Harry's contribution to the sport can be summed up in a few words... dedication, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour!

Harry was a true powerhouse in the Trials world and his undiminished enthusiasm for the sport was an inspiration to us all, he will be sadly missed.

Based on TMX article by Jan Wright and Maureen Latham

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