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2006 Geoff Monk Trial score sheet.
Geoff Monk

Geoff Monk Pre 65 Trial 2006 (plus pre 1985 twinshocks)

Permit No. ACU 16387

Open to Adult & youth A/B members of constituent clubs of the ACU

Saturday 23rd September 2006 – Start time: 12:00 noon

Lane End, A32, East Tisted, Alton, Hants.  MAP



Clerk of the Course: Michael Coles Machine Examiner: Jack Blackman


Secretary: Terry Owens, 33 Patrick’s Copse Road, Liss, Hants GU33 7DN

Geoff Monk 2006 class winners

Bernard Rodemark
Len Hutty
Mark Parry-Norton
Roy Enticnap
Andy Pattison
Saturday 23 September saw a very successful Geoff Monk Trial at Lane End near East Tisted.  There was a minor crisis on Friday when Mick Coles, Will Brown and Chris Neville were starting to lay out the sections.   At 2 pm the heavens opened and all three were soon saturated, so they gave it up and decided to try again on Saturday morning.  

Fortunately, Saturday was clear and sunny and the course was soon finished for a prompt 12 o’clock start.  Mick had laid out 8 sections which were ridden 5 times and it was soon clear that the level of difficulty was just right.  In the rigid class on the easier
route, Bernard Rodemark set the pace from Peter Hammond, with very little between them.  Stan Metcalf rode his Royal Enfield into third place in this class.

The remainder of the entry rode the more difficult route and in the Pre-Unit class, Len Hutty had his usual win, but had a dab on the very last section to spoil his clean sheet.   Competition in the Two-Stroke class was much closer and Roy Enticknap just shaded Brian Devereux on his little Firefly to take the win with 15 against Brian’s 18.  The real battle was among the Twin Shocks where the club    
trio of Geoff Muston, Steve Sell and Andy Pattison had their usual tussle. Steve and Geoff each had a 5 but Andy managed to keep his loss down to a series of dabs and he won the class with a total of 10.   Jez Sang, Mike Furnell and Len Hart made up this, the biggest class in a total entry of 20

Fine weather helped make this a great little trial and every one had a good day out, including the observers whose contribution was really appreciated.  Without their willing assistance we could not run our trials.  
Terry Owens
Jim Scott, Derek Cranfield, Dave Adams, Ray Bowden, Stan Moody,
Ron Burningham,
Chris Neville, Mike Barton, Jim Daffin, Mike Hutchings.