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This event supports East Hants Victim Support Group

Open to Southern, Eastern, S. Midland & S. E. Centres RR

Pre 1967 Four Stroke, Two Stroke and Pre 1985 Twin Shock.
at Noar Hill, Selborne, Alton, Hants.
Start 11.00 am. Saturday September 27th 2003 Permit No. C 29226
OFFICIALS: Centre Steward: TBA Club Stewards: Robin & Bruce Cross.
Clerk of the Course: Tony Bolwell (No. S/C406). Machine Examiner: Pat Worsfold (No. 57/027912).

Secretary of the Meeting:

Terry Owens, 33 Patricks Copse Road, Liss, Hants GU33 7DN Tel: 01730 893486

Scores and awards