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Around 6 man days prepared this event for 48 competitors. A dry sunny day, so dry that we parked in the field high above Charity Farm. Due to the offer from two Trialing families we had the services of 20 Observers for the 14 sections.
Robin & Bruce Cross did us proud once again as Club Stewards. Clerk of the Course Tony Bolwell fresh from his successful Wales Weekend stint worked extremely hard cutting out sections on the three days he spent at Noar Hill prior to the event. Many thanks to Pat Worsfold who helped out as machine examiner. Terry Owens did a fantastic job getting the results out in double quick time.
WELL DONE EVERYONE - The riders were very complimentary.

Alton Club wishes to thank these Observers.
1. Jill & Allan Savage/McBeath
2. Angela Daffin
3. Jan & James Wright
4. Maureen & Tom Latham
5. Bill & Dan Latham
6. Tom & Mike Fowler
7. Jim Scott
8. Derek Cranfield
9. Ray Bowden
10. Mick Noyce.
11. Dave & Nick Wright
12. Ron Burningham
13. Allan Blackman
14. Maureen Adams