updated 06 October 2001

Firstly I would like to thank the officials and observers for their time. Without their effort this enjoyable event and others like it would not take place. The trial was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by both myself and all the other riders who competed on a sunny Autumn afternoon.
Speaking to other competitors after the event the general consensus was that the trial could have included a further lap or two. We obviously couldn’t get enough of it and would have loved more. Perhaps next year?
The twin shock boys wished that the sections had been a bit harder although I note that not one of them went clean. I did agree with them though. The sections went from moderate to easy and then were just about right in my opinion. The problem that we have is that sections must be set out for the majority and not the minority, which unfortunately does not satisfy all concerned. However, as a whole I think that the sections were enjoyed by most of the entry who all seemed to have had a good day riding their motorcycles.
The trials was therefore in my eyes a great success and speaking on behalf of all my fellow competitors I think that a good day was had by all and we are all very much looking forward to next years event.
P.S. If we are all back here next year could we perhaps have a few of the big climbs included in the trial. A shame to waste the natural terrain and miss the challenge.