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| 2011 R5 Bushy Hanger: S5, S2, S3 & S8 |

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Videos from Open Trials may be found in their web pages.

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Pictures from Open Trials may be found in their web pages.

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Selborne Solo

  2000 to 2019

Keith Davies

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Wick Hill Cup

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Alton Club Members Trials

•  Alton Club Trials are fun, run under AMCA auspices  •

• Routes for most classes, A route by request  •

• All classes of adult and youth welcome •

• ACU affiliation card NOT required •

• Cheap n’ Cheerful - subsidised entry fee for full members •

We aim to run at least 7 Club Trials annually for Alton members, often on the 1st Sunday of the month.

The entry fee of members is subsidised by the club.

Non club members are welcome to ride but will need to join the club. The event secretary will advise your best options.

Our club Trials run under AMCA auspices, riders DO NOT have to be affiliated and Clerks need not be certified.



Both ACU & AMCA insurance is focused on excellent cover for landowners, officials and third parties, not rider or machine. If you require extra cover for yourself and/or machine it is down to you to sort out.

Alton Members Championship 2020

|  Championship points  |  Club Trials results  |  


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Latest  pictures   |    Earlier  pictures

Costs - An Alton Advantage event”

Entry fee £15, full members get a £10 discount.

Routes & Classes.

We have 3 default routes approximating to B, C or D class.

An A route may be included subject to venue and demand.

Adults decide which route they ride before the Trial. Adult routes and classes are recorded as: AB, AC and AD.

Youths (6-15 years) ride any route recorded as YB, YC & YD.

Accompanying parent or guardian is responsible for their Youth rider at all times.

Riders may change route but should advise Secretary and will be recorded as riding in their lowest route/class used.

As a general rule routes should be suitable for riding “non stop”.

Marking of Riders

These Trials generally do not have Observers, riders should mark each other.

Ride in groups, both for safety and to mark each other.

Riders will be given cards at the start with clippers at section ends or marking cards may be available at section end.

Return your cards when you finish. Should you not finish, please let the secretary know the reason.

Preferred marking of Routes (though Clerk has final say)

In events with 3 routes the top B route is marked with

 Blue markers on the left and Red on the right.

 C route deviations are marked with yellow.

 D route deviations with white .

If 4 routes, each ENTIRE route should be in coloured pairs as

A - Red, B - Blue,   C - Yellow , D - White .

Section begins and end cards are placed on right if possible.

Route marking between sections is as required.

How Hard A Trial?

Set out as per the guide below with non stop riding in mind.
See FIM video on Non Stop.

With a range of Clerks and venues it is very difficult to moderate the severity of sections. By their nature Trials are variable, on any route you may find sections that are too severe or too easy.

If you find most of the sections not to your liking you may change route and tell the secretary.

These Trials should be fun, you will not be forced to do anything -   there is no 50/50, stick with your chosen route.

Guide to route severity and marking colours

Clerk has the final say on colours, these are recommended:

 | B route |  Red on Right, Blue on Left

A challenge for any rider, experienced rider on a top machine may clean this route. But still rideable for many rider bike combinations, albeit with loss of many marks.

 | C route  |   yellow gates.

Straight forward but interesting, between B & D.

 | D route |    white gates

Dead Easy, for beginners and “recreational” riders of any age (6 years old on) and machines, wide and gentle.

See more about our Club Trials below these pictures

The Club Championship

This just a bit of fun for those that like this sort of thing


The rider with most qualifying points from all their classes will be presented with a Club premier award & will get free rides next season. There are additional presentations for class awards.

How the championship results are calculated

1. To get points you must be full member, finish the Trial and hand in your fully completed score cards.

2. When calculating the championship your lowest point score in each class id dropped from class and premier totals. * Except when counting towards The Frensham Vale Chandler Challenge.

3. You may ride in as many classes as you like, so you may end up with points in multiple classes. Each class subject to “2.” above.

4.  In each Trial points are awarded thus: 10 for a win and descending 1 point per place pro rata, 10th or below get 1 point.

 Championship points tables.

How can I help with a Fun Trial?


Clerks at AMCA events do not attend seminars. We aim to have a range of Clerks.  We prefer Clerking is done by a team, if you want to gain experience start by helping out. Let us know if you are interested.


Again we don’t want one person doing all the work, being a secretary for an  AMCA event is straight forward and someone can take you through anything you are not sure of. Being able to use a spreadsheet for the results is helpful but not essential, we can email you a blank file ready formatted to be filled in. Or blank paper tables are available to be filled in by hand.


We have a great team of Observers who we like to keep sweet for our big Trials, however you are welcome to pop along to club Trials and Observe a section or move from section to section. Or just watch and chat.

Can anyone come and watch?

Yes, you are welcome and it’s free.

You can find directions to our next Trial on our home page.

Please feel free to talk to the secretary, officials or riders, they like to chat and will be pleased to help you.

Stay clear of the sections, if you are not sure where to walk or stand a rider or official will be happy to help you.

Obviously, minors and pets should be under proper control.