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Annual Review of 2018

By Mick Coles - Club Chairman

2018 Overall
• This has been a sad year for us as we have lost two of our great helpers,
Robin Cross and Phyl Blackman.
 • For a couple of reasons we could only run 7 club Trials.
 • Entry numbers remained similar to 2017.
 • Social side attracted the same small hard core of support.

A combination of snow and then heat wave affected entry levels we actually maintained the number of riders, albeit at the low average of 22. The lowest being just 9 on New Years Day, best was the very wet Kenchington with 53.
We ran one less club Trial, this was due to snow at the winter round at Privett, many thanks to
Colin Mew who set out and then took down his unused sections twice. The good news is Colin is still keen to set out our next Trial which happens to be at Privett. Other Clerks were, Dave Hickman, Colin Allsop and Rob Cross. Sadly we still had to rely on myself to set out some Club Trials as well as all three open events.  Ray, Kerry & Mike have shared secretarial side.
Club members Fun Trials continued under AMCA rules and kept the low entry fee of just £10 for members. We only ran 7 rounds as not only did we lose the round at Privett as mentioned but an enforced change of dates affected our open events obliging us to use our June date for The Keith Davies.
Of the
3 Open Observed Trials The Keith Davies at Steep Marsh was most disappointing, especially considering its success last year and the good venue.
The Selborne Solo was held in the summer heat with a slightly improved entry, we also had enough Observers to enable Mick C to continue his Clerking duties through most of the day.
Despite the build up of extreme wet weather
The Kenchington Trophy was our best supported Trial for some time. The 10 Observer manned sections proved a big hit with the riders despite the treacherous going.
A freebie for our members with free and fun and food is what
The BBQ Trial is about and so it proved. Secretary Kerry was again let off publishing results, Rob Cross came up with a fun course to ride and Les Etherington stepped in with his BBQ to get everyone fed.
Mick Morris has continued getting permits and sending out the relevant documents to land owners.
Despite our best efforts we still struggle arranging events, venues and officials in good time. Some clubs are able to map out a full season ahead, we must focus on achieving something similar.
Privett Tunnel is a great addition to our venues, we were lucky that a local farmer  flattened the undergrowth that had grown across the parking area, we have been mowing it since to keep it usable.
Chris Small has continued to do a great job looking after our Trials marking kit even though he has said he would like to relinquish that role.

Anne organises our banking and produces annual accounts for auditing. Despite setting lower fees for Trials than other clubs and also subsidising free events our finances are still sound

booking and paying for the village hall is organised by Anne who also organises the other social dates.
Bruce looks after our very reasonably priced bar at club monthly meetings.
These are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and  start with a Committee meeting which quickly deals the running of the club. All members are welcome at meetings as well as club night after.
Beach Night - randomly on Hayling Beach before coming together at the  Fish n Chippy at West Stoke, nothing was organised but yet again somehow we again all managed to meet up..
The Alle-Oop and The Greens Walks - Pat and Will ran The Greens last autumn, despite damp conditions it attracted more than ever walkers from this and other clubs. Les and Kerry are running this years remembrance Sunday walk. The Alle-Oop walk was run in the hot August around Privett / Tisted, Pat and Will were declared winners despite being in Suffolk at the time!? Many thanks to Ray and Jim for organising that.
Skittles have been conspicuous by their absence, We had been hoping to try a new venue, if only just for a change, but the one we picked closed without warning. .Anne is hoping to run an evening next spring.
Scalextric Evening proved more popular than ever, will a full grid booked up in advance. Expect another on this Spring.
Christmas Party and Awards evening this year will be on 14th of December.  Bruce will have a selection of drinks at the reasonably priced club bar, members and friends are invited to bring food for a buffet and raffle prizes. Just a small part of the evening is the presentation of club awards.
Rob Cross came up with a great fun course at the The BBQ Trial,  thanks also to Kerry and Les for the free refreshments.

Again only a few of our members requested ACU magic numbers, which Will is always happy to supply.
Membership numbers fell slightly again, but there were many riders paying for day memberships at club Trials. They are often repeat day members perhaps a better way could be found to convert them to full members, which could work out cheaper for them in the long term.

Will aims to publish and post News Letters monthly, though occasionally he does miss a month. News Letters are also circulated to land owners and secretaries of neighbouring clubs. With the cost of postage and printing memberships costs are swallowed up by the news letter but we know many members appreciate them.
Will tries to keep the web site as up to date whe possible. Besides results, reviews and pictures going back 20 years Will is planning to set up an archive of News Letters accessible to all.

Looking Forward
Repeating last years appeal, we are still looking for someone to take charge of organising Trials. We know that how we do this now could easily be improved on with a dedicated Trials organiser.
Observers, are a vital part of a proper trail, like all clubs in the area we struggle to get sufficient. One reason we have no organised observers at Club events is to try and make sure they are available for open events.
Clerks, more clerks make for a bigger variety in Trials, we have a several who do a great job, but all to often it comes down to me to stand in.
Secretaries, with Mike Hutchings soon moving to France we are in need of more secretaries to help those we have already. If you would like to find out more ask the secretary at an event or contact Kerry.
Event Clashes, we try to keep things simple by running on the first Sunday of the month, since the start of the Len Hutty Trial we have always not run on the first Sunday of November, some members are suggesting we should revert to the first Sunday.
Club nights, it would be great to see more members on these Tuesday evenings.

To the Committee, Clerks, Secretaries and members that help clear away events a       
big  thank you to you all.

Mick Coles…