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Alton & District Motor Cycle & Car Club

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Wales Weekends

3 in 1 Trial

2001 to 2003

Archives Legacy

Wrinkly’s Trial

Team Trial 2000

Geoff Monk Trial

  2001 to 2008

Wick Hill Cup

 2000, 07 & 08


Comp. Drawings

Non Expert

 2010 to 2012

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VIDEOS from Club rounds

| 2011 R5 Bushy Hanger: S5, S2, S3 & S8 |

 | 2012: R1 Kings Lane Pit | | R5 Ivyhouse Pit |

| R6 Frensham Vale |

Videos from Open Trials may be found in their web pages.

Club round pics

| 2010 R6 Southlands |

| 2011 Wales Weekend |

| 2014 R1, R2, R5 & R6 |

| |2014 Club Rounds |

Pictures from Open Trials may be found in their web pages.

 Scores archives:   Members Fun Trials

 Selborne Solo    |    Kenchington Trophy

 Keith Davies Non Expert   

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Selborne Solo

  2000 to 2019

Keith Davies

 Non Expert

 2013 to 2019

Wick Hill Cup

1983 results pdf

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 2000 to 2019  

Milly’s High Jump


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Club officials for 2019


Les Etherington

01420 474170


Mick Coles

07768 840907


Ray Bowden

01420 564192


Kerry Henderson

01420 474470


Anne Brown

07572 377717

Social Secretary

Anne Brown

07572 377717

Trials Secretary

Mick Morris

07956 323832

Awards Officer

Bruce Cross

01420 478439


Bruce Cross

01420 478439

Robert Cross

01252 714815

Jim Daffin

07850 904482

Ray Bowden

07752 460514

Andy Wenlock

07587 326678

Additional members



Nicola Gadsby, Guy


Membership &

News Letter

Will Brown

02392 613792

07958 474966

Alton membership


Either download and use the 2020 membership form

or join the club at any Alton event,

see the form for the current fee.

Please make cheque's payable to “Alton & District MC & CC”.

Your ACU “Magic Number” may requested anytime from Will.

Members can ride Club members Trials at a preferential rate, these are run under AMCA auspices, so an ACU card is NOT required.

For further membership information please contact:

Will Brown, 71a Bulls Copse Lane, Waterlooville, Hants. PO8 9RA


Tel: 07958 474966


via our on line form.


Club focus, events and contacts.

Many events have their own web pages, see the links on the left.

Current events are usually featured in the main Alton pages.

A list of Officials and how to contact them is at the bottom of this page.

Open to Centre Trials

at some of the best venues in the South of England.

Kenchington Trophy Trial ACU

Super Selborne Solo Trial ACU

Keith Davies Non Expert Trial AMCA Replaces:

 The Wick Hill Cup, The Alton Non Expert, The Geoff Monk Classic,

The Three in One and The Wrinklies Trials

 Members Fun Series Trials AMCA

Cheerful, informal AMCA Trials for Alton members, all classes arrive n’ ride. 8 rounds plus a FOC BBQ Trial.

Wales weekend two day Ran annually from mid 80s’ until 2011..

Club night usually 2nd Tuesday of month & other social events

from 8-00pm at Oakhanger Village Hall,  GU35 9JN ,with light refreshments, this is often when the committee meets.

We also run other social events, like walks, skittles and more.

See what’s coming up.

Monthly postal News Letter.

For more information,  please use the contact form

or contact an official as shown below: