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  2001 to 2008

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 2000, 07 & 08


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 2010 to 2012

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VIDEOS from Club rounds

| 2011 R5 Bushy Hanger: S5, S2, S3 & S8 |

 | 2012: R1 Kings Lane Pit | | R5 Ivyhouse Pit |

| R6 Frensham Vale |

Videos from Open Trials may be found in their web pages.

Club round pics

| 2008 R3 Ivyhouse |

| 2010 R6 Southlands |

| 2011 R3 Frensham |

| 2011 R5 Bushy Hanger |

| 2011 Wales Weekend |

| 2012 R6 Frensham |

| 2014 R1, R2, R5 & R6 |

| |2014 Club Rounds |

Pictures from Open Trials may be found in their web pages.

 Scores archives:   Members Fun Trials

 Selborne Solo    |    Kenchington Trophy

 Keith Davies Non Expert   

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Selborne Solo

  2000 to 2018

Keith Davies

 Non Expert

 2013 to 2018

Wick Hill Cup

1983 results pdf

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 2000 to 2018  

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Alton and District Motor Cycle and Car Club, Alton, Hampshire, UK.

Trials and Social events including a Monthly club night on 2nd Tuesday evening of the month at Oak Hanger Village Hall. ACU & AMCA Trials and events.


News letter:    Feb/Mar posted 15th March . Next due MID April.

Updated at 13:15 Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Latest on site newest first:

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Scalextric Grid Place Bookings Open

On Friday 22nd of March we will be back at Bolwextric for an evening of thrills n spills. Racing is free for Club members and families.

Keep a LOOK OUT for the news letter due mid March to see how to book your grid position.

Scores: 2016 , 2017 , 2018 | Bolwextric

Skittles and Dinner evenings

Skittles Evening will be at The Whjistle Stop, Liss, on Saturday April 13th. Please book your reasonably priced meal through Anne. Menu and details in News Letter. Families and Friends welcome, Entry and Skittles are free.

Our sumptuous Spring Dinner is on Friday April 28th at the Great Oak, Petersfield. Please let Anne know you will be coming, thanks. Anne Mobile: 07572377717

Club Trials

Rather miserable weather affected round 4 rider numbers, though all thought Colin Mew did us proud with his sections. As it happened the weather was not as bad as predicted although some very slippy going was the order of the day.

| Round 4 SCORES  | Next Trial details  l

2019 Membership Form

ACU Magic numbers available from Will.

07958 474966 - CALL - TEXT - WhatsApp -

 Request your magic number on line.

Greens Walk, Sunday 11th November.

Walkers avoided the rain for a walk in glorious sunshine.

Winning team were The Slush Puppies, more in the next news letter. Entry fee for full members is £5, don’t forget your fiver.

Christmas Party & Awards

Selborne Solo 2018

Pictures and results are on the 2018 Selborne Solo pages .

Keith Davies 2018 web pages results

| Kenchington Trophy 2018 |

 2017 Championship Final Results  

BBQ Trials: 2014 ,  2016 ,

Clerks n Secretaries required

On the dates page we have our events for 2019, however many require either clerks and/or secretaries. If you could help out at any of those events please let us know.

Text or call or on line.

AGM - Chairman’s review

|2014 Club Pics |

|2014 R3 - J B’s report | 2014 R2 pictures |

Alton membership



To join or renew.

Download 2019 membership form or join at any Alton event, fee for full individual/family membership now £20, valid until Jan 15th 2020.

 Please request an ACU magic number if required.

Our Member’s Trials are run under AMCA auspices

 ACU card is not required. Anyone may ride, Alton members get £10 off.

An Alton Advantage Event

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Alton Trial 2019 R3 at Frensham Vale. Click to expand, click pop up top close. Alton Trial 2019 R3 at Frensham Vale. Click to expand, click pop up top close. Alton Trial 2019 R3 at Frensham Vale. Click to expand, click pop up top close. Alton Trial 2019 R3 at Frensham Vale. Click to expand, click pop up top close.


 +  CONFIRMED  + ACU S Centre Championship round  +  

Kenchington Trophy Trial

ACU event, ACU card required - NO ACU affiliation at start.

Alton members apply for your ACU magic number NOW.

April 21st 2019, start 10.30am.

!  Entry/Regs on ACU. to ride for an award enter now  !

Entry fee by postal/ACU on line: A £15, Y £15.

Entry fee after closing and on the day: A£20, £15.

At Noar Hill,  Charity Farm, Selborne. GU34 3LW

Signed from B3006 at South East end of Selborne

Map with markers showing venue and access.

Details from LAST YEARS  Kenchington 2018

Can you help with setting out or observing? Let us know.

 - Contact us.


March 22nd.

Confirmed grid

at  1:15 PM

 19 March 2019


Kerry H


Tilly H


Friendy H


Andy W


Ray B


Alan B


Jim D


Danny B


Rob L


Andrew S


Joey S










Willy B

Scalextric 2018 winners podium

Last years Scalextric winners.

Joey, Will & Pat.

Book your chance to win now.