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Q1. How can I quickly check the item listing?

Q2. The advert text is too small for me to read?

Q3. What’s with including a town/area in your adverts?

Q4. I have been made a GOOD OFFER, but is it a scam?

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Q5. Why has my advert disappeared?

Q6. Why do email addresses in adverts need editing?

Q7. Why don't you send us confirmation or ask for additions to our advert applications anymore?

Q8. How quickly will my advert appear?

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How can I quickly check to see if an item I am looking for is listed?

Wobblie adverts are pure text, they can be easily searched using tools available on your system. Your browser's search function should find a word in the advert page. Try pressing CTRL+F, or failing that, look through the menus or help files. Because this makes good use of your computer's power it works instantly. Using F3 you may be able to work down the page looking for the next occurrence.

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The advert text is too small for me, can it be made larger?

Wobblie adverts are all on one page, so the page can get a bit on the long side, larger text would exacerbate that problem. I  use fonts, colours and layout to make things as legible as possible.

The page is comparatively narrow, this allows the option of zooming whilst still fitting within the screen width. Some common browsers are not good at zooming (they can trash layout). The Opera browser has a superb zoom controlled from simple key presses. Opera has many other handy features and is available free, for many platforms, from opera.com .

Many systems feature screen readers, Wobblie adverts are tested and work well with these. If you are having problems accessing or enjoying any WillBrown Internet sites please tell us the problem and how you think it could be mitigated.

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Why do you insist on including a town and country in your adverts?

That information that is vital to the viewer, many of the items advertised will be exchanged after viewing or a trial, where they are in the world makes a big difference to those looking at the adverts. Besides:

Is there anything wrong in giving your general location?

Would you buy from someone that you didn't have clue where they were?

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I have been made a too good an offer, could it be a scam?

YES, if it is too good to be true -  IT PROBABLY IS! For some recent real life examples  or for classics look at the bottom of this page.

So what else makes a response likely to be a scam? Look out for the following:

• To good to be true, the dream deal, just what you wanted…..

• Pressure to make the deal now rather than later.

• A bit too much of a story, a longwinded introduction and circumstance, but vague/short on pertinent detail.

• Lots of talk of “shippers, agents, reputable, respected, Western Union, certified cheques”  or  someone's position as an officer in a large well respected company or government, your bank details and cashing an overly large cheque.

• Not much talk about the item perhaps a vague request for information, a picture and "your last asking price", that could apply to any item.

• Although often based offshore, often from Africa, Americas or Asia, well out of reach of UK law - they may still have a UK email address.

Buying from a web site?

• Most online stores are genuine BUT some can be a bit too virtual, it does no harm to ring up and talk to someone, or check out their address, if they show no phone numbers or address - walk away. There has recently been a “classic” store like this in Spain.

• Paying by credit card may offer some protection for larger sums, but remember you are passing over your card details and address so only use a secure browser like Opera, Chrome or Firefox.

• Personal recommendation is a good thing.

Unsolicited offers by email?

This is at best, SPAM, it will only ever be an invasion of your space and time. If you get an email you don’t expect, delete it, don’t even open it especially in Outlook or Outlook Express. There are several free email clients such as Opera or FF Thunderbird that are more secure than default programs, most email can be viewed via webmail, or get yourself a Gmail account these seem better at handling spam.

Remember this -

 If a cheque is later found to be a fraud your bank will reclaim "its" money back from you, even weeks after the cheque has cleared, been cashed and you may have spent the money.

If you are definitely being set up, take everything you have to the police and see what they make of it.

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Why has my advert disappeared?

Adverts are removed after a month, unless you request otherwise. If you notice your advert getting near the bottom of the list and you want to repeat it let me know. Don't forget to include the advert date and other details so that I am sure which advert you are talking about.

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Why are the email addresses not ready to use without editing.

The double @ or other "mistakes" are to interfere with attempts to automatically harvest email addresses for spamming. It certainly helps and I would change the corruption if it became widely bypassed. Unfortunately it is little more than annoyance to scammers who can afford to spend time correcting addresses.

When Wobblie adverts first started, 11 years ago, email addresses were clickiable and opened an addressed email with the subject filled in, very convenient - those were the days !

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Why don't you send us confirmation or ask for additions to our advert applications anymore?

Time, time, time. Wobblie adverts are free (please contact me if you would like to make a donation), I have to limit the time I spend on them. All adverts are vetted manually to ensure they make sense and relate to the UK based Trials scene. If your application is correct it will usually appear within a few days, if new adverts appear and your's isn't among them please re-submit making sure the content and format follows the advice on the form.

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How quickly will my advert appear?

Usually within a couple of days. However, if I am around when an application comes in all present and correct it may appear within minutes.

The most common reasons for adverts applications being delayed or ignored are:-

• Not UK MC Trials related.

• No town given.

• TEXT IN ALL CAPS. (ALLCAPS class as spam, I have to plead with my server to release them, then change the case, sometimes I haven't the time!)

• I am busy, on holiday or out on my bike (joke).

If you check the Adverts regularly don't forget to check for the latest upload, this is called "refreshing the view or page", in most browsers you just need to press F5.

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Non Wobblie page lists some recent scammers address’s

Wobblie Will's Trials adverts

For sale and wanted adverts for any Trials related equipment in the UK.

Nearly new, used or second hand bikes, spares, parts, clothing, car racks or information.

The home of motor cycle Trials related adverts online in the UK.

GO HERE for the latest Wobblie related scamms

Example scam responses (Names, prices, items blanked):

From Feb 2014

Email 1, sent in response to a Trials bike for sale advert:

Hello Seller, I want to know if this still available for sale,If still get back to me with your asking price and the present condition of it. Thanks and Get back

Email 2, sent in response to more information:

Hello, Thanks for the quick response about the product am buying from you, anyway the price is OK by me but i will like you to know that payment will be made by Check. If this mode of payment is OK by you. Kindly send your information which you will like to receive the payment from the post man, so that i can instruct my secretary to issued it immediately Name to be on Check:..... Address where Check will be received by you:....... Phone Number's such as Mobile,Land line and Office number:.... Asking Price......... Never mind about the pick up, it will be after you must have cleared the payment from your Bank Account. Await your Quick Response so that i can arrange for the payment immediately. Thanks and Get back

From Feb 2011

Hello,i saw your wanted ads on the web ,i don`t know if you are stillin need of it ,please if you do let me know ,before i will send youpictures and price thanks.

The second and third email are below

Thanks for that response, I have just finish every necesary arrangement concerning the shipping to your door step there was noproblem ,Regarding payment i will accept bank to bank wire transfer,which means you are to send the money into my secretary [Debbie Powell] bank account information below as i am a very busy person in the office ,please as soon as you send the money remember to send me the deposit slip ,then when i receive the funds now i will send you the shipping tracking numbers and get the bike ship to your door step immediately ,

Beneficiary Name:   Debbie E. Powell

Beneficiary Address:  1165 S Grand Trailer 9, Pullman, Washington 99163,USA

Beneficiary Account Number:  153563953949

Beneficiary ABA Number/Routing Number:  125000105

Beneficiary Bank Name:  US Bank

Beneficiary Bank Address/City:  Pullman

Beneficiary Bank State, Zip Code:  Washington 99163

As soon as i receive the funds now i will immediately send you the shipping tracking numbers and get the bike ship to your door step immediately thanks.

Your urgent response will be appreciated.


From April 2008



I am interested in your advertised Honda TLR200 been posted on the ad.I have seen the price(£1300) and it is okay by me.I will like to know the below details before i can proceed.

 1,Its present conditon

2,Pictures if it is ready.

 Hoping to read from you soon. Regards,  Andrew.




 Thanks very much for the mail.The present conditon is good and am ready to purchase the Bike from you.

 I want you to know that i have my reputable shipping company that will be coming down to your location for the pick-up arrangement of the Bike.

 For the payment arrangment,a client of mine who is owing me in u.k will be paying you on my behalf by Cheque and i will wait for the cheque to clear before the pick up from your location .A client of mine will  send you the amount he owned me which is £4000 by a certified cheque drawn in uk bank.

 And as  soon as you receive the cheque and clear from the bank, you will deduct the cost of the Bike which is £1300 along with the 100pounds compensation for considering the Bike sold to me while the remaining balance will be send down to my shipping company that will be coming for the pick-up arrangement.

 If this is okay by you, do e-mail me the following detail

 FULL NAME ................

ADDRESS ...................




HOME PHONE...............

CELL PHONE................

 for the cheque to be made out to you. Hope to read from you soonest.

 NB:- I will wait for the cheque to clear before the pick up. I will compensate you with £100 for considering the Bike sold to me.


Andrew W*****.


This scammer used a @yahoo.co.uk address that included the name he used.

From December 05


      I came across your ads,i really want to know if your ads if is still available for sale,i really want to buy it from you pls get back to me with the last asking price and send me picture if available,waiting to read from your massage soon so that we can conclude on payment.

     Regards.   Mr J

From November 05

Hii Good Day,


    I saw ur advert which am highly intrested in buying it.

      Pls let me know if its still available and its present condition ?

      I am really ok and comfortable with the datas u illustrated on the web site but i will still want u to pls tell me more about it(what u did forget to add on the advert and updated Document of the BIKE and other information u feel someone need to know about )Pls i will want u know that i shall be paying with a CERTIFIED Uk BANK DRAFT if u are ok with this pls do get back to me so that we can get everything round up soonest.

     Thanks soo much and i will look up to ur urgent response today.

     Regards and have a nice day.

      S....  S.....

From May 05

how are you and your family ?hope they are all fine ?i am happy to have a trasaction with you and trust.

 I have been negotiating the terms of the business with my client. and i instructed him  to carry on with the transaction and I have proposed a payment method i will be making payment in advance to give your more assurance that i am highly intrested in buying the car .i will be travelling down to uk to pay you the balance.i will be coming for a company contract  .i have requested that you should be informed that the payment will get to you in a check of  £XXXX  which  i will be making a deposit of  £XXX. ,so you are required to deduct   £XX out of the total check send to you . when the payment gets to you and refund balance to my customer's shipping agent via Western Union Money Transfer for the shipping agent to be able to offset shipping and other charges to be prepared. so everything will be in order before i come down to balance you . After payment has reached you and cleared into your account  balance sent back to his shipping agent,is the agent will arrange for the pick up Please Confirm this and provide name,  address and phone number for check payment to be delivered to you via courier.I look forward to a successful transaction with you and await your urgent response.


From April 05

 i was just going through the Classified ads and i then came accross the advert concerning your Advert item for the sum of £XXX and i am interested in buying and I will like you to provide me with the picture via mail to see if you have it and furnish me with the conditions,so regards to the shipping...I'll arrange for the shipping myself.Hope payment by a certified cheque will be ok.If this is alright with you,do get back to me immediately with your name,contact phone number and address....so i can arrange for the payment.

Hope to hear from you soon.


From April 05

* this reply is to the same advert as above but from a different name and address.

I saw your advertisement and interested in buying your advert item ,which the price is £XXX and I will like to see the picture via mail if you have it and furnish me with the conditions,regards to the shipping...I will arrange for the shipping myself and my mode of payment is by a certified cheque,If this is ok by you...do get back to me with your name,contact phone number and address.....

Hope to hear from you soon.


From January 05


I am (spammers name) i saw your advert and i'm interested in ADVERT ITEM


And I'll be paying you through my client, Get back to me with your full name (that will be on the check) contact address (that the check will be send to) your phone number and including last price, So that I can instruct my client to send the funds (cashiers check) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper whom will take care of the pick up. Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response.

spammers name


From November 04


AM Spammers Name,







From September 04

Thanks for your reply,am located in the united states,the price is ok by me,the payment will be sent to you by an associate of mine over there in the uk ok,Due to some reconcilation of some orders we made he is to balance me with 1,900pounds,i will be using this in regards to your payment.The pick up of the colt will be taken care of by my shipping agents.As soon as you get your payment,kindly deduct your actual amount and send the rest balance to the shipping company in other for them to come for the pick up,you should contact them  at ...........@.....mail.com,speak with Mr .............. in regards  to when and how they will come for the pick up and also information on how to send them the payment.Send your name and address for the certified casher check to be sent to you.


Please send in your classic example scam responses.

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